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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Reason #48743934 to get rid of the UN

Rich Lowry delivers himself of a beautifully written diatribe castigating the foul UN Human Rights Commission. You know you're reading something good when you find language like this in the first few paragraphs:

Bolton had hoped to change the commission and infuse it with some of its old idealism. Nothing doing. He’s finding that at the U.N. Augean Stables, the cattle always prevail. The 53-country human-rights commission’s abiding flaw is that it has no standards for membership. So, bloodthirsty tyrannies sit on it together with liberal democracies. Given the let’s-all-get-along bonhomie of the United Nations, they all operate based on a vaporous consensus that strips the commission of any purpose. China, Cuba, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Zimbabwe are all current members, ensuring ample representation of governments interested only in preserving their ability to jail their dissidents, repress their women and despoil their countrysides.
Good writing to make a good point about an evil institution -- who could ask for more?