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Friday, February 17, 2006

Yet another entry in the "for this parents pay $40,000 a year" category

This time it's Yale engaging in shenanigans that should have parents wondering about whether an Ivy League education is worth their hard-earned money:

In a lecture hall on Yale's storied Old Campus, not long after an afternoon astronomy class has cleared out, a middle-aged sex toy saleswoman demonstrates her technique and hands out free products to an eager crowd. *** Welcome to Sex Week at Yale, a biennial celebration that has become one of the most provocative campus events in the country. Organizers say Sex Week gets students talking about sex in a way that's more relevant than middle-school film strips, more honest than movies and television, and more fun than requisite college health lectures. *** Yale's event, which ends Saturday, includes lectures from dating specialists, a sex therapist and a discussion of homosexuality with a former Roman Catholic priest. More provocative sessions include a panel of porn stars and stripping lessons from a Playboy Channel hostess. Critics say Sex Week is just the latest act of debauchery at colleges in recent years: Students started sex columns. Vassar and others created erotica journals. Harvard launched H-Bomb, a magazine featuring suggestive pictures of undergraduates. Washington University in St. Louis offered a sex-themed week with orgasm seminars and condom telegrams. "I don't see how bringing a Playboy stripper to campus is helping anything," said Travis Kavulla, editor of the Harvard Salient, which joined other conservative newspapers in giving Sex Week the Collegiant Network 2004 Outrage Award. "How are universities trying to educate students in sponsoring activities like this?" Sex Week is a recognized student organization but Brisben's company,, sponsors the events, not Yale. Advertising helps pay for marketing and for Sex Week at Yale, the Magazine.
Frankly, it seems to me that, in America's sex saturated culture, it's overkill for Yale, one of the most expensive campuses in America, to be using parent moneys (as well, I'm sure, as Federal dollars, since money is essentially fungible) to teach Ivy League girls how to undress like strippers. I always end one of these posts with the same plea: Please, please, please, let all these excesses have vanished by the time my kids are college age. Talking to Technorati: , , , ,