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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tookie is the new Martin Luther King?!

I'm sure that, in all the furor surrounding Tookie's deserved execution, it never occurred to you that this state sanctioned killing was visited upon the new Martin Luther King. Foolish you. Renford Reese, an associate professor of PoliSci at Cal Poly Pomona University realized that right away. After all, both King and Tookie spent time in jail and preached peace from jail. There you have it. They're soulmates. Of course, Tookie was in jail for brutally murdering four people (and gosh knows how many he murdered without getting caught), while King was in jail for taking a principled stand against profound civil liberties violations but, heck, those are just minor points. The fact is, they're both jailbirds. Oh, I almost forgot. King actually wrote his famous letter from the Selma jail, while Tookie's epistles to the world's children were almost certainly ghost written by his attorneys to help beat the death penalty, but again, that's a minor detail when you're dealing with true kindred spirits. And it really doesn't matter that King's letter became an incredibly widely known document, while nobody has read "Tookie's" children books. Clearly, I could go on forever boring you with the nitpicky little details about the differences between someone who looked evil in the face and refused to participate (that would be King), and someone was was evil (that would be Tookie). But I won't bother. Instead, I'll leave you to ponder the article's closing words, written by a man who could be your child's PoliSci teacher:

Most great figures in world history are remembered for their compassion. King shared this trait with the Ghandis, Mother Teresas, and Mandelas of the world. He also shared this trait with the late Stanley Tookie Williams.
Hat tip: Power Line