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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Relax. It's a compliment

As part of a longer American Thinker article about why America is so hated abroad (especially in Arab countries) Vasko Kohlmayer has this to say:

That the ever-more apparent crisis of Islamic fundamentalism has been closely linked with escalating hatred of America should come as no surprise. This is the typical reaction of those who preside over failing regimes. The reasons for their animus are not difficult to fathom, since the peal of America’s success sounds a death knell in their ears. The glaring contrast between our freedom and prosperity and the oppression and destitution of their systems throws into sharp relief the depth and extent of their failures. Sooner or later the disparity will become too glaring to be tolerated. When that point is reached, the anger and indignation of those they oppress will become greater than their fear. And this prospect frightens them. In a desperate effort to mask their failures, the keepers of fundamentalist regimes resort to absurd lies and propaganda. This is why they malign America with such spleen and why they paint her in evil colours. As their position grows more untenable, their rancour grows shriller. As a rule, the closer failing regimes inch toward their collapse, the more venomous their rhetoric. This was certainly the case with the eastern block communists in the years leading up to their downfall when their anti-Americanism reached deafening intensity. No one was more vilified than Ronald Reagan – that great personification of American strength and resolve. Claiming he was a hateful, spiteful war-monger, they portrayed him in demonic terms. Their hysteria was well grounded, since his uncompromising policies were instrumental in their damnation.
So, the Left should stop agonizing about this hatred, and trying to placate the haters, and, instead, should recognize the hatred for what it is: the last gasp of tyrannies.