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Monday, January 09, 2006

What I'm reading, Part II

I spent breakfast blogging about interesting articles I read today. I'm going to spend lunch telling you what some of my favorite bloggers are saying. In no particular order: 1. At CDR Phibian, if you hurry over right now, you'll see one of the most powerful photos I've seen yet about the two cultures living side by side all over the world. He's also talking about soldiers speaking truth to power, he spends time on a lovely eulogy to a hero of My Lai, and he gives his own spin to Murtha's and Muran's being taken down once they Left their Democratic/MSM echo chamber. There is, of course, much more, but I'm sticking to recent highlights, as I'll do with all my other blog friends. 2. At the Galactic Patrol, you can read about "corporate silliness" (I love that post title), tricks our minds play on us (especially on those of us who are lousy proofreaders in the first place), high tech talk (he's a computer guy), and a link to a post that compares C.S. Lewis to Satan. 3. At From The Word Go, you can read a great take-down of Robert Reich, who admires all the ecomomic freedoms in China, but is perturbed by Bushitler's reign of terror. 4. The Confederate Yankee reminds us that, while the MSM loves Cindy Sheehan, the public isn't buying (literally), and backhands (with style) the liberal heavy breathing over the body armor issue. 5. The always elegant PalmTree Pundit talks about her decision to homeschool, favorite hymns, faith and courage when when staring at death, and the reasons we blog. 6. Aside from a great dog picture (and why is that dogs, even when being silly, are always photogenic), at A Rose By Any Other Name you can also read about the little problem Democrats should be having, if there really were an even-handed press, when they keep spouting about Republican corruption in Congress. 7. GeeDubya's blogging lightly lately, but still hitting stuff where it counts. She touches on the bird flu (something she's followed really well), rampaging "North Africans" in France, and the Patriot Act, among other things. 8. One of the most seriously (but not boringly) intellectual blogs I know is American Future. Go there, and you'll read indepth analyses of the New York Times' editorial policies regarding Iraq during the Clinton and Bush administrations, the ongoing WMD debate, reader dismay with the NY Times NSA coverage, and much more in-depth political and media analysis. 9. At Brain Droppings, the guys take on Brokeback Mountain (which seems to be geared to women, gays and metrosexuals), Judge Cashman's idiotic decision to make a statement about problems with the criminal justice system by essentially allowing a serial rapist to go free, and the ridiculous gun ban in S.F. (disclosure: the guys quote me. Yay!). 10. At A Place to Talk About War, you can get the English Professor's take on the death of a My Lai hero and the corruption scandal in Congress (which gives the whole thing a little perspective). 11. At Paragraph Farmer, you can get the usually inspiring mix of theological insights (from a Catholic perspective) and politic insights (from a conservative perspective, natch). Patrick touches on intelligent design, border policies, and Saddam's literary career. 12. I don't even know where to begin with Cheat-Seeking Missiles. How Laer finds the time to touch on and, indeed, analyze so many subjects leaves me bewildered. Glance at the top posts today and you'll get the stem cell scandal, Leftist "tolerance," the vanishing female population in India, and Dem's who profited from Abramoff. Wow! 13. Suitable For Mixed Company is one of the most interesting, and hard-to-label, blogs around. Kathryn has such an eclectic fund of knowledge, you never know what interesting stuff you'll find. Today's top posts include ruminations about the information 180 regarding the Sago miners (They're alive! No, sorry, they're dead.), Boeing's commercial success, and a little tidbit of Boeing history. 14. At Scott's Conservative News & Commentary, you can read about Murtha's most recent idiocies from a military perspective (Scott, the author of that post, is in the military), about Iran's "humanitarian" leader, and about the fight from the Left to repeal a Georgia voting law aimed at lessening voter fraud (it's always good to see liberals step up to the bat to defend the possibility to commit fraud). 15. Crossing the Rubicon is another of those blogs which has an endless supply of interesting and eclectic posts, often with a Jewish twist. Today's leading posts concern Iran's latest efforts to delete the Holocaust from history, the liberal obsession with bringing down Bush to the exclusion of all other serious issues, and the Palestinian's latest attempts to silence journalists (funny, when one considers that so many journalists consider themselves friends of the PLO, Hamas, etc). 16. At Out Of The Binjo Ditch, you can read about the travails of law school (I don't know how he does it with three young children in the house), the current obsession with making sure no child ever loses at sports (and that Mom and Dad attend every game or fail the love contest), and a reasoned argument for continuing to do without school vouchers (I personally want vouchers, but Steve makes some good points). 17. At Flopping Aces, read about a scam perpetrated on Oprah (and much of her viewership), Democrats who are also tarred by the Abramoff brush, and a description of Howard Dean once again coming apart at the seams. 18. Go to the Deep Freeze, and you'll get to read about the NOW war machine arrayed against Coach Paterno at Penn State, the probable candidates for 2008 (Hillary v. ?), and that rot that was exposed in our media when it got the Sago story completely wrong. 19. News Snipet 'Blog goes for those who should, but can't, keep their mouths shout, focusing on Rep. Murtha, Pat Robertson and Harry Belafonte, as well as some interesting South Carolina politics that may matter in 2008. 20. At Far East Cynic, the wild and wonderful Skippy-san allows us to see the military's dismay over the MSM obsession with war dead, the politically correct mindset run amok in the military, a take on the religion of pieces, and a link to a soldier's view of the war from Iraq. 21. Done With Mirrors has an interesting post about the NSA scandal (remember that the power held today by the government you like, may be held tomorrow by the government you hate), MSM reporter Helen Thomas's open hatred for the administration, and a dawning sense that Murtha may be senile and not principled (I agree). Give your self a good time -- check these blogs out. [By the way, I'm sure I neglected a long-tail blog that I read regularly and respect mightily, and I apologize in advance. If I missed you, and you've got something interesting, like me know. Alternatively, and much more reliable than emailing me, put a link in the comments section, or trackback to this post, and I'll check it out.] Here's a whoops! I suddenly remembered one of the best blogs I forgot. 22. Did you like Shakespeare and current affairs? Jeremy does and, at a Bards Eye View, he's melded them into an incredible site that looks at current affairs, in a sense, through Shakespeare's eyes. Check out " Henry V and the Motives for War," or " King Lear and CSI" to have your mind opened and your culture elevated.