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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

People who live in Nazi houses....

Iliked Mark Levin's take on the desparate Democratic attempt to smear Alito because his involvement decades ago in C.A.P. (which he joined to protect the ROTC), and which ended up harboring a racist member:

During today’s Alito hearings, Leahy’s smear went something like this: Alito’s membership in a college group, in which an individual member wrote an absurd article about blacks, taints Alito as a racist. This is contemptible demagoguery, no matter how many times the Democrats use it against Republican judicial nominees. For example, Ted Kennedy’s father was sympathetic to Adolf Hitler while he served as Franklin Roosevelt’s ambassador to Britain. Joseph Kennedy opened back-channels to the Third Reich. He was openly anti-Semitic. FDR had to recall him from his post. Now, what does that say about Ted Kennedy? Nothing — unless, of course, we adopt the smear by association tactics used against Alito. Indeed, Kennedy, Leahy, and every Senate Democrat who voted repeatedly for Bob Byrd to serve as their leader — a post he held for 12 years — is what, a pro-KKK racist? That’s absurd and offensive. It’s hard to believe that the party that so abused race in the past is doing so again today. It’s also sad that the major media carry this message as if it has some legitimacy. To my knowledge, not a single mainstream journalist has shown the courage to condemn this disgraceful farce. Where’s Edward R. Murrow when you need him?
That about says it all, doesn't it?