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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Trying to be optimistic

It will be no news to you that this was a good election for Democrats, and not for Republicans. So be it. However, I'd rather Democrats do well during the off year, than during the Presidential election year. Had Republicans swept the Boards they would have had two mores years to be under the MSM's unceasing attacks. As it is, with some victories under the Democratic belt, the Democrats have a scant two years to prove themselves before the next major election cycle. I also think that California voters were swayed by the most dishonest ad campaigns I've ever heard in my entire life. The union ad I heard aimed at defeating the initiative to allow Union members to withhold their dues from being put to political use was false from start to finish, insofar as it led voters to believe that unions can no longer participate in the political process. I think when the dust settles, this election will be held up as an example of the most successful use ever of corrupt, Tamany Hall style campaigning. Of course, since the MSM currently in charge of making history participated in the corruption through misinformation, I don't think any stories will be written about it in the near future, do you?