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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Don't come here, go there

I've got a bunch of stuff I have to clear off my desk this morning, so I won't have time to do much blogging 'til later in the day. I'm also depressed by the election outcome in California. Attempting to seek consolation somewhere, I checked out Laer's Cheat-Seeking Missiles, only to get a brisk, wonderful exhortation to the effect that Arnold made a huge mistake believing he could take on the unions with nothing more than charm, and that the referendum process is probably dead now. It's still sad, but at least I know where we, as Californians, stand. Anyway, that's the only blog I have time to read this morning and that was not Laer's only good post for the day. So, if you're seeking good reading this morning, covering everything from riots to torture legislation, please do yourself a favor and check out Cheat-Seeking Missiles.