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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Tipping points

Following its spectacular 9/11 moment, where Al Qaeda managed to inflict quantum damage on American citizens, its attacks in subsequent years have tended to spill significant amounts of Muslim blood as well. Surprisingly, despite the Fallujahs and the car bombs and the wedding bombings, etc., in Iraq, all of which took out more Muslims than Americans, Arabs have remained strangely silent. The Jordanian Al Qaeda attacks, however, have aroused Arab hostility against Al Qaeda itself. That is, rather than saying it's America's fault, or Israel's fault -- or variations along the lines of America or Israel made Al Qaeda do it -- Arabs are directly mad at Al Qaeda itself. Heck, even the NY Times is finally mad at Al Qaeda. Frankly, I can't understand why the Jordanian attacks are different from all other attacks but, if they're the tipping point in the Arab world, I'm happy. As the Captain says:

I doubt that AQ leadership will lose much sleep over the anger in the Jordanian street protests. However, the West counted on this kind of reaction eventually arising from the long string of attacks on Arabs. Jordanians have joined the majority of Iraqis in discovering that the butchery of AQ has no limit and no real loyalty to Islam, either. Such road-to-Damascus moments provide some hope that the Muslims of the ummah will reach a level of disgust for radical Muslims throughout the region.