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Saturday, November 12, 2005

"I've looked at life from one side now...."

Barbara Boxer was in Marin county yesterday (her home territory), and managed to hash out the same old, same old. Funnily enough, one I heard her repeat speech again, it suddenly appeared fresh to me -- and newly stupid:

Sen. Barbara Boxer took President Bush to task last night for using a Veterans Day speech to blast congressional critics of his Iraq war policy. "Veterans Day is not a day for partisan attacks," the Greenbrae Democrat said during a Marin book-signing event for her new novel. "Once more, he's dividing us."
Do you think it's ever occurred to this dame that she might be the divider? That she, by endlessly railing against a war that Americans started off by supporting, by constantly attacking the American president, by glorifying and apologizing to America's enemies, might be the one stopping this country from coming together in a unified cause? Since she is the ultimate narcissist, I rather doubt this insight has occurred to her. It's a reminder, though, of what a stupid statement "he's dividing us" is. It's like that slogan, spoofed in movies: "Now, more than ever." Sounds clever, means nothing. I must say, I continue to be embarrassed that Boxer comes from my neck of the woods. Most people I know are intelligent people, although I have to say, I'm extremely careful never to discuss politics. I save my political rhetoric for the safe anonymity of my blog.