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Friday, November 11, 2005

Stop the hysteria

For those still hyperventilating about Tuesday's elections, John Podheretz offers a reality check -- it wasn't that bad. If we're getting sucked into the MSM spin machine, though, that's really worrisome. I do think, of course, that the Republicans have to clean up their act and quickly, especially when it comes to the economy. Once again, the RINOs are making trouble, this time regarding tax cuts. Why can't anyone explain in words of few syllables that relieving people of the burden of pouring money into the governments' maw means that money gets used efficiently by people to make jobs and more money. And that these more (or newly) affluent people then pay taxes and, incidentally, end up giving the government more money at the end of the day than they would have when their efforts, energy and initiatives were getting sucked up by higher marginal rates. Shouldn't some politician start sending emails out to constituents explaining that, given the high taxes in France, its unsurprising immigrants can't, and have no incentive to, join the mainstream, when they can live in crime, disarray and despair while sucking thin milk from the government teat?