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Friday, November 11, 2005

Jonah Goldberg on why Islam has everything and nothing to do with the French riots

I've been trying awkwardly to articulate this point, but why did I bother, when Jonah Goldberg does the same thing with elegance, brevity and wit:

The Islamic leadership in France would clearly and dearly love this to be a Muslim riot. They could then stop it and become true Left Bank Arafats, able to fire up a rent-a-mob whenever convenient and thereby shake down the government for one concession after another. That's why the French government is so desperate to prevent the imams from becoming middlemen. If the riots are stopped by Islamic clerics, they will become Islamic riots - even though they didn't start as that. And once the conflict is Islamified, the conservative Nostradamus scenarios kick in and we can all get ready for talk of 'two-state solutions,' the need to make Paris an 'international city,' and so forth. Their being Muslim surely contributes to these kids' invisibility, but French racism and snobbery is more sweeping. Unlike in America, where snobbery, racism and anti-Muslim bigotry can all operate independently of each other, in France they're always linked in a menage a trois. If a resume arrives at the patisserie with the name Hamid on it, it gets trashed without the recipient wondering whether he was unfair to a Muslim, a black, an immigrant or even a French citizen. But this type of young person is invisible for another reason. The French 'social model' which pays wealthy, educated people not to work much - and prevents poor and desperate ones from working at all - simply has no solution for what to do with these surplus Frenchmen. So they get shunted off to the Islamic Bantustans surrounding the capital, where social pathologies fester.