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Sunday, November 06, 2005

"They have eyes, but cannot see"

Everyone is gobbling, albeit fairly ineffectively, about Iran's express threat to Israel (except for the Israelis who have long known that the threat was there, albeit unspoken). However, aside from focusing on Iran's PR failure, no one, especially at the leadership level, is paying attention to the profound instability in Iran's current, new regime. Well, almost no one. In a very long, but very interesting article, Alan Peters details the sudden changes in Iran's political and economic infrastructure, and explains what those changes mean. Sadly, none of it means any good for the West. I'm hoping the doomsday scenario is overheated and overblown, but it is most likely to become a reality if the West continues with its obstinate refusal to recognize that Iran has, once again, become every bit as radical as its rhetoric indicates.