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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Warren Beatty taken to pieces

The other day, I got interrupted during dinner by one of those annoying recorded telephone messages. "Hello, this is Warren Beatty...." I don't know what the call was about, because I instantly hung up. What really irked me wasn't the dinner interruption and the politicking, though, it was the error inherent in that recorded statement. I was not talking to Warren Beatty. Had it actually been Warren Beatty, I could have said, "Yo, Warren baby, what's with that stalking our Governor?" As it was, the call should have announced itself as "Hello, this is a recording from Warren Beatty...." Of course, I still wouldn't have listened, since I don't agree with his politics, and I hate his milquetoast voice, but I at least wouldn't have been offended by the lie inherent in the opening statement. Taking all these things into consideration, I found delightful this post about "Warren Beatty, Stalker" at the Captain's Quarters. Not only does the post take apart his recent weird political activities, it also attacks his acting abilities.