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Monday, November 28, 2005

The radicals among us

As part of a column about John Daly, the illiterate linguistics professor who threatened a student, Mike Adams discusses PMS -- Paranoid Muslim Syndrome and Paranoid Marxist Syndrome, two radical ideologies that share some common bonds. He begins with Paranoid Muslim Syndrome:

[T]his syndrome can be found in abundance in the 21st century. The leader of Iran has it as do the leaders of the Palestinian Authority. And many have died from it including many “insurgents” in Iraq and the architects of the attacks of 9/11. And the bad news is that PMS has spread to another faction that shares two vital characteristics with these paranoid Muslim extremists: 1) a deep-seated hatred of America and 2) a proven track record of slaughtering innocent Jews. It appears that, without question, Professor Daly is suffering from Paranoid Marxist Syndrome, which is also known as PMS. For those who have never considered the similarities between radical Muslims and radical Marxists, it is time to take heed. While the attacks of the former have been well-documented over the last few years, insufficient attention has been paid to the attacks of the latter. Our college campuses have become the last safe haven of Marxists, largely because its adherents have never had to survive in the real world, much less in a communist dictatorship. Indeed, there are more communists teaching in the State of North Carolina than there are in the former Soviet Union. *** For the most part, academics are silent about the blood-letting that inevitably ensues once a nation is governed by radical Islam or by the principles of Marxism. And if anyone dares to state the obvious, the subsequent willingness to distort the “atrocities” of this nation knows no bounds. That is why colleges tolerate the likes of Professor Daly. At some point we must ask ourselves why it is that simultaneous sympathy for both radical Islam and radical Marxism is to be found almost solely on the campuses of the nation most responsible for the existence of Israel and the non-existence of the Berlin Wall. Few who listen to the words of radical Muslims and radical Marxists can find comfort in the fact that so many who belong in mental institutions reside comfortably in our institutions of higher learning. And that is really the problem. Very few are listening.
The bizarre nexus between the radical Left and radical Islam is frightening, because it exponentially increase each group's power. Their goal is to destroy the common enemies -- Israel, Jews, America. They'll save for resolution in their post-Apocalyptic world their areas of significant difference -- women and gays.