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Monday, November 21, 2005

Out of the mouths of . . . English teachers

Mike Adams shares in his column a letter that an English professor at Warren County Community College sent to a student when she had the temerity to invite an Iraq war hero to speak on campus. The letter is an astounding piece of ignorance and poor writing. Read it and weep when you think that this is the product of a man who stands up and teaches our children. Adams, of course, has exactly the right thing to say about it:

Some people reading the above diatribe will ask why a college would allow a professor to use such harsh language while addressing a student. But I disagree with any implication that Professor Daly had no right to say what he said so poorly. In fact, I would fight to the death to protect his right to very bad free speech. That is not because I am a principled person. I just enjoy watching liberals make asses out of themselves. To me, it is a cheap form of entertainment not unlike the CBS Evening News.
Going from good to better, Adams spends the rest of his excellent column dissecting Daly's approach to education. Hat tip: PalmTree Pundit UPDATE: Patrick, at the Paragraph Farmer, very thoughtfully wrote back to Prof. Daly. Read it -- it's a hoot.