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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thank God these kids are opting out

Showing once again the "bravery" that characterizes kids of rich liberals, the fine students in Marin are boldly exercising their legal right (no potentially dangerous civil disobedience here) to stop their schools from sending their names to the military as potential enlistees. This is not real bravery, this is feel good stuff, entirely consistent with speech codes that blatantly violate the First Amendment in order that no one's feelings get hurt. Why do I say this? I don't. The heroic boys leading this charge (and persuading others to follow them), explain their motives:

"The government forcing schools to turn over that information is hypocritical because it makes students feel uncomfortable and a school has the duty to make their students feel safe," [Paul] Koch said. [Emphasis mine.]
There you have it. Some students might be uncomfortable if their government asked them (not ordered them, not coerced them, not forced them at gunpoint) to contemplate joining their own nation's military. Believe me, we should be thankful that these delicate flowers have saved the government the time and effort it would take to contact them. Can you imagine what would happen to our military if people like this entered it? While it might make these young men and women into useful people with spirit and backbone, it's equally possible that these people could injure our military irreparably.