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Friday, November 18, 2005

On MSM halos

None of us will forget Maureen Dowd conferring absolute moral authority on Cindy Sheehan, because she had lost a son in the war, while implicitly denying that same moral authority to other mothers who had also lost children, but still supported the war. The next "moral authority" rush from the MSM is being directed at Rep. John Murtha, who is calling for the US's instant withdrawal from Iraq, tactics, strategy, humanity and sanity notwithstanding. In reacting so strongly to Murtha, the MSM seems to be saying that if a soldier is against the war, the war must be lost (because soldiers understand that kind of thing), and only a soldier would understand how best to extricate oneself from the situation. This is the same "insight halo" they've conferred on that lying weasel, Jimmy Massey (a halo they refuse to remove despite manifest evidence he's a pathological liar). What's bizarre is that the MSM and liberals generally live in two simultaneous and conflicting universes. Universe One is their frenzied joy in polls indicating that the American people have turned against the War. This is the "majority wins" universe which says that a critical mass of thinking in a single direction (especially because this thought process meshes so nicely with France's on the same subject), must mean the thought process is good. Universe two, of course, is the MSM/liberal ability to ignore completely the fact that the majority of American military people and their families support the war effort and believe in what we're doing in iraq. This is the "majority loses" universe that says that if one soldier speaks out against the war, that soldier, and that soldier alone, must possess insight denied all of the other poor, brainwashed minions serving their hard time in the military. To Hell with the majority view. This is the gifted minority insight and must be sanctified with all due speed. I was going to ask, "Doesn't the MSM realize that this kind of illogic must be a turn-off to the American people, and give away the MSM's little bias game," and then I stopped myself. I stopped myself because I talk every day to intelligent people who are completely willing to accept these inconsistent paradigms, and to say "In New York Times we trust."