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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

More from the religion of pieces

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This just in from Little Green Footballs:

LGF reader Baikal emailed about these upsetting pictures posted by with the title: 8 Year Old Iranian Boy Caught Stealing Bread. Those readers who were skeptical of the title, it turns out, were correct; Baikal contacted the publisher, Peykeiran, and after a confusing exchange received the following reply:
Hi! It seems you have not read the text that came with the pictures. In irna there some who earn their bread by Maareke giry. In our case one of these maarke gir _ha had hired a kid to do those unhuman show. You read the text that came with photos. bye
I continue to find the pictures incredibly upsetting, and I do think there is a real cultural problem with allowing that to take place at all, but I'm happy to exonerate the Iranian Mullah's of the crime (they have enough crimes on their consciences without adding this one). ************************************************************************************* This time, the religion of pieces is imposing its unique "piece"-meal approach to life on an 8 year old Iranian boy caught stealing. (By the way, while not gory, the pictures are incredibly disturbing.) Do you want this country to possess nuclear weapons? Hat tip: Little Green Footballs.