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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Did Britain's empire sow the seeds of her destruction

Theodore Dalrymple has written about young Muslim men in Britain and what makes them become good material for detonating suicide bombs. It's a deeply depressing article, although also very interesting. He talks about the deep tension within these young men, who both live the lowest form of Western popular culture (rap, drugs, easy sex, bling, etc), and who simultaneously cling to their dominance over women, their sensitivity to racial insults, and the belief in their innate superiority, a belief fed both by their religion and by the self-loathing that is Western multiculturalism. Reading this article, I couldn't escape the thought that this is the Empire's ultimate revenge. These people are now a time bomb in Britain because Britain, during the Age of Empire, went to their countries, tried to impose its way on their infrastructures, and took their wealth. Then, when Britain underwent a revolutionary change in its belief about the moral merits of Empire, it invited its former subjects into its own borders and . . . . Boom!