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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Failure is a comfortable place for some

Over at Michelle Malkin's place, I got wind of a stunning Tony Blankley column urging the President to veto any Democratic initatives aimed at allowing Congress to become involved in war strategy. He starts with a reminder about the Democratic Congress's involvement in Vietnam War strategy, which heartened the North, demoralized the South, and led to millions of deaths in Southeast Asia:

It was 30 years ago when Congress last took the reins of national war fighting. In August 1974, Nixon had been scandalized and left office. The November 1974 election brought forth the "Watergate babies" congress filled with young anti-war Democrats. One of the first actions of the Watergate Congress was to vote to deny an appropriation of $800 million to pay for South Vietnamese military aid, including ammunition and spare parts. Historical records now are known that reveal that five weeks after that vote, the North Vietnamese started planning their final offensive. The morale of the South Vietnamese was broken by that symbolic Congressional act of betrayal. The actual dollar cuts forced South Vietnamese President Thieu to abandon the Central Highland in March of 1975, leading to the collapse of our ally and the onset of genocide and police state brutalities that killed more Asians than all the thousand days of the war did.
He then points out that the Democratis, having found failure comforting the first time, are bound and determined to repeat the experience:
Now the Watergate babies have grown old -- and age has not improved them. They plan to finish their careers as they started them -- in defeatism, betrayal and national dishonor. Oh, that America might see the last of these fish-eyed sacks of loathsome bile and infamy: Unwholesome in their birth; repugnant and stench-forming in their decline.
I can just hear Reagan's voice in my head: "There you go again." While Democrats may never learn, let's hope that (a) the American people have and (b) the President has relocated his missing testosterone and is able to stand strong against such disgraceful initiatives.