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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Truth gets buried deeper and deeper

I used to love the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in my liberal years because it precisely reflected my political views. Now that my views have shifted, I've come to hate it, because one seldom hears a story that isn't an attack piece against the current administration and its positions. Having been on both sides of the political divide, I have no doubt but that the CPB is a deeply biased organization, sucking up taxpayer dollars to advance a one-sided liberal agenda. Kenneth Tomlinson, the recently departed CPB chairman knew that too, and decided to try and counter that situation. He got slapped back brutally, first by losing his job and, second, in a report out from an internal investigator at the CPB. This report claims that Tomlinson violated a gajillion rules and regulations in his efforts to decrease the liberal influence at the CPB. Now, if he actually did that, the slap is well-deserved. CPB may be a horrible organization that Congress should destroy, but that fact alone doesn't give the Chairman the right to abuse his position to make that point. However, I have a little niggling doubt about the veracity of the report or its conclusions. You see, buried deep in this article, which I read in the SF Chron, but which originated in the NY Times, is this information about the investigator:

The author of the report, Kenneth Konz, was hired by the corporation in the 1990s to be its inspector general after retiring from the federal government, having served as a deputy inspector general at the Environmental Protection Agency.
Reading between the lines, that tells me that this man might be a Democratic operative, who worked in an agency that, in the 1990s, was one of the more liberal branches of the U.S. Government before departing for the liberal bastion represented by the CPB. I'm perfectly willing, of course, to accept that my read about the Inspector is entirely wrong, and is the result of my stupidly jumping to conclusions based on limited information. So I'll ask all of you: do you have any more information about Kenneth Konz, the man behind this scathing attack on Tomlinson's conduct? By the way, Tomlinson is defending himself on the ground that the attack is partisan in nature:
In a statement distributed with the report, Tomlinson rejected its conclusions. He said that any suggestion that he had violated his duties or the law was "malicious and irresponsible" and that the inspector general had opted "for politics over good judgment." "Unfortunately, the inspector general's preconceived and unjustified findings will only help to maintain the status quo, and other reformers will be discouraged from seeking change," said Tomlinson, who has repeatedly defended his decisions as part of an effort to restore balance to programming. "Regrettably, as a result, balance and objectivity will not come soon to elements of public broadcasting."
Certainly, Tomlinson seems to be making the case that the report reflects a liberal fox zealously guarding his own liberal henhouse. UPDATE: So far, all I've found about Konz is that he started working for the EPA in the 1960s. He's been around Washington a long time.