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Monday, November 21, 2005


I went today with my mother to look at a retirement community that she's very seriously considering. It was an uplifting and sad experience. Uplifting, because it was a beautiful building, in a lovely setting, with charming people (both residents and employees), delicious food, and very nice (albeit small) rooms. I could imagine living there, in that beautiful building, with delicious food (that I don't have to cook), surrounded by kind and interesting people. Except that this is an end of the line community. All the residents showed the inexorable ravages of great age (I don't think anyone there is younger that 75). Nevertheless, aged or not, I was impressed by their joie de vivre, by their courage, by their lust for life. Of course, since the alternative is dying young . . . well, maybe it's not so sad after all.