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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One nice movie; one fun book

My husband and I watched a movie yesterday called In Good Company. Here's how Netflix describes it:

An ad salesman, Dan (Dennis Quaid), must take a junior position after a corporate shakedown. Worse, he now reports to a much-younger boss, Carter (Topher Grace), a business school grad who espouses a sales approach branded Synergy that's at odds with Dan's old-school style. Although they don't see eye to eye, the two must get along, a mandate made more difficult when Carter becomes smitten with Dan's daughter (Scarlett Johansson).
My husband and I had completely different reactions to it. I thought it was a really enjoyable movie about a fundamentally nice young man learning that a corporation is not a family, and transferring his values to a real family. My husband thought it was an unpleasant movie about a weak young executive and an angry salesman. I'd recommend it; he would not. I also read a nice book yesterday, with an original enough plot that I wanted to pass it on. [Guys, you can stop reading here if you like, because it's a chick lit book, but you might nevertheless find the premise interesting.] The book is "The Thing About Jane Spring," by Sharon Krum. The plot is funny and imaginative: a hard-driving, fiercely intelligent attorney, who treats all in her life (potential boyfriends included) like army recruits. Lonely, she decides that her new strategy will be to live life as the woman who always got her man: Doris Day. It gets quite funny once she puts this approach into play, and the book's message is amazingly retro: nice girls, girls who are kind and sunny and warm and happy, attract people. The book loses its momentum a little bit at the end (Krum is a solid writer, but not brilliant), but it was a quick and enjoyable read, and a good reminder about the Doris Day virtues.