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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Just plain giddy on words

Mark Steyn comes out with a good, albeit not great column about poor Scooter's indictment and premature Democratic rejoicing. However, the column did rank as one containing when of Steyn's best punning, giddy-on-words paragraphs, which I thought I'd include in my blog for the fun of it:

Just for the record, Scooter Libby is the highest-ranking Scooter in the Bush administration, chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney. All last week, lefty gloaters were eagerly anticipating 'Fitzmas,' their designation for that happy day when federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald hands down indictments against Libby, and Rove, and maybe Cheney, and -- boy oh boy, who knows? -- maybe Chimpy Bushitlerburton himself. Pat Fitzgerald has been making his list, checking it twice, found out who's naughty or nice, and he's ready to go on a Slay Ride leaving Bush the Little Drummed-Out Boy and the Dems having a blue blue blue blue blue-state Christmas in November 2006, if not before.
I realize when I read things like this that part of the pleasure of a Steyn column isn't just his often prescient political insight, it's his equally often silly writing style.