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Saturday, October 29, 2005

This will teach India to have sent troops to Iraq

A Hindu marketplace was the scene of a bloody bombing, killing at least 58 people. The AP, of course, was careful not to name names (meaning, not to name names that might have militant Islamic connotations):

The Indian government faces opposition from dozens of militant organizations, from tiny fringe groups to well-armed Kashmiri insurgents who have previously attacked New Delhi, including a bloody 2001 assault on parliament. Some of those groups fiercely oppose the India-Pakistan peace process, which began early last year.
It is entirely possible that the bombing came from a splinter Indian group and has nothing whatsoever to do with Islamic tensions in that region. (After all, I haven't forgotten that a radical Jewish man assassinated Rabin). I therefore remain interested in hearing the ultimate findings. I just want to be the first on the record to say that, if the bombing, directed against Hindus, did in fact originate with radical Islamic militants, this would tend to show that involvement in Iraq is not the triggering factor behind enormous numbers of bombings originating with Islamic terrorists. [And yes, my post title is facetious, and not meant to be factually accurate.] UPDATE: It probably was an Islamic Kashmiri group behind the bombing.