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Friday, October 28, 2005

The degradation of American education never stops

Just when you think American education has bottomed, it surprises you by dropping down another notch. Today's report on educational insanity in America comes to you from the University of North Carolina, which is apparently using taxpayer dollars to host an "Orgasm Awareness Festival," for any benighted Southern women who might somehow have achieved adulthood without being aware of the possiblity that orgasms exist. I have to say that, as the mother of children a decade away from college, I'm selfishly hoping that the continuing revelations, through the blogosphere, about the goings-on at American Universities will lead to a purge that will clean things up by the time my kids are college age. And for those of you who are contemplating college for their kids now, my sincere condolences. Previous posts about laughable conduct in American education: Educational insanity continues This happened in Georgia, of all places The state of American education continues to dismay Colleges and indoctrination Another landmark on my road to conservatism "Wither" higher education? Free speech is dead on campus, but alive on the internet