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Sunday, October 09, 2005

It's not about Iraq

Thanks to Curt, at Flopping Aces, I got to read an excellent Ollie North article that effectively rebuts the canard that current terrorism attacks are all about Iraq. North concisely reminds us of the brutal terrorist attacks in the 1980s and 1990s, and about the terrorist attacks all over the world in countries that have no relationship to Iraq. He also reminds us that the U.S., under President Bush, has done an excellent job corraling the terrorists and improving security at home. It doesn't mean there's no room for improvement -- there's lots of room -- but it does mean that things are moving in the right direction. By the way, why doesn't it seem to strike anyone else as peculiar that the MSM buys unblinkingly the enemy's own analysis of its motives. Doesn't it seem to occur to the MSM that the enemy might have an interest in misdirection and in using our own fears and beliefs against us. I actually find it shocking that the MSM is more willing to believe those who kill thousands, who love bathing in blood, who believe in beheading as a way of life, rather than their own President. This is Bush Derangement Syndrome carried to a grotesque extreme. Previous posts: It's not just about Iraq and the U.S. Let's abandon the "blame the victim" mentality