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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Domestic notes

Decoding man-speak: I had planned on leaving early with the kids today to run some errands best run before the Saturday morning crowds begin. My husband objected strongly. He has to work today and said he wanted to spend time with the kids before he left. Sounded valid, so I shelved my plans. Interestingly, he's done everything this morning but spend time with the kids, who have been perfectly happy playing with each other. I mulled over this for a while, and then figured out what my husband was really saying: He didn't want to be alone in the house, and he didn't want to leave a lonely house when he finally headed out for a day at work. That's valid, although my attitude is completely different, in that I love being alone in the house. Getting the children off to a good start: Regular readers of my blog know that I'm no fan of modern pop music. I feel a guilty pleasure, therefore, in the fact that my kids are entertaining themselves this morning by listening to the Beatles, music that all of us appreciate.