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Friday, October 07, 2005

How to vote in the upcoming California election

In the same mail in which I received my way too long and boring California voter's handbook for the upcoming election, I received a wonderful cheat sheet from the California Democratic Party. It's brutal: "Broken Promises; Bad Ideas; Failed Leadership; Now He Wants Even More Power -- We Can Do Something About It." The "something" that the Democratic Party recommends is to identify all of the Governor's propositions on the November 8th ballot, with the word "No" next to them. Thanks to this easy identification format, I can confidently mark a "Yes" for Proposition 76, which will bring to heel the powerful teachers' and nurses' unions; Proposition 75, ditto; Proposition 74, which is directed at the teachers' unions'; Proposition 77, which ends California's disgraceful gerrymandering; and Proposition 78 (don't know what it is, but whatever the Democrats are for, I'm akin' it). I may also vote "No" on Proposition 78, which I suspect is some Democratic-inspired attempt at socializing medicine through the back door. Finally, I'll check out Proposition 80 (which has something to do with California electricity), because having been Enron-burned means I really do have to analyze this one on its own terms.