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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Getting our priorities right in Iraq

Denigrating the sacrifice our service people have made in Iraq, the MSM is having an orgiastic roll in what Little Green Footballs calls the "grim milestone" watch. (See, e.g., this lgf post.) This is not about serving our military, and this is most emphatically not about accurately reporting on the war. That point is made very clear at a Media Research Center, which highlights the fact that the MSM has almost entirely ignored what the military has been fighting for -- bringing freedom to Iraq in terms of giving it a Democratic constitutional base -- and has focused entirely on what it hopes will be politically damaging for the President. Here's the wrap-up of this depressing article about a media bias that is having clear political efforts, in terms of the public's perception about the war:

A recent MRC study of this year’s Iraq war news found the networks had already produced 400 evening news stories noting America’s war casualties, far more than those discussing episodes of heroism on the part of those same troops. Indeed, on Tuesday morning only FNC’s Fox & Friends and CNN’s American Morning showcased Army Specialist Darrell Green, who thwarted the suicide bomber who tried to destroy Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel on Monday, saving many lives. Green’s captain told CNN that while “this was definitely a large explosion...this was a success story thanks to soldiers like Specialist Green.” ABC, CBS and NBC didn’t interview Specialist Green or mention his heroics. Evidently, they don’t consider him to be as newsworthy as the 2,000 victims of Bush’s war
Apparently, if you're the MSM, you can fool most of the people most of the time.