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Friday, September 16, 2005

What universe do these people live in?

As you no doubt recall, since it only happened a few days ago, the moment Palestinians got the settlements in Gaza, they set about burning shuls and synagogues. When the Arabs controlled Jerusalem, the desecrated cemeteries and destroyed synagogues. Israel, by contrast, has never desecrated a religious spot and, indeed, has made sure that all three faiths -- Christianity, Judaism and Islam -- have full access to those sacred sites in Jerusalem. Given that, there is a certain irony to the fact that the latest "crusade" coming from Islam is to protect the Al-Aqsa mosque from the Israelis. It takes a while to suss out the facts, but apparently what happened is that the right wants to hold a large rally at the Temple Mount -- a Jewish sacred site -- and the Palestinians are worried that this might spark rioting, which could cause damage to the Mosque. In an Arab country, the government would stand aside or, better yet, pitch in to aid the destruction of a cemetery. In Israel, however, the Israelis are banning their own citizens from rallying, and installing hyper security in the area. The Muslims are not appreciative, and indeed have a very different take on the story:

He said Israel is imposing a siege on al-Aqsa by building an electric fence and installing cameras around the complex and that Israel is encircling the mosque in a “settlement-like” manner. According to Salah, there is also an attempt to build a Jewish city under the mosque. “The first phase of the plan is set to end in 2007, as will the construction of a tunnel that would reach the area located beneath the mosque under the dismal guise of renovations and reinforcements,” he said.
Yes, and the men from Mars will act as security guards, so be sure to wear your aluminum helmets to protect your brain from their space waves. And getting back to my original point, it's hard to appreciate Islamist complaints against a Jewish government that is silencing its own people to protect act Islamic religious site, when the Islamists have once again reverted to their historic practice of desecrating Jewish religious sites.