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Sunday, September 18, 2005

It was bad enough when Carter was doing this type of thing

Do you think a certain someone, who has repeatedly abandoned tradition, dignity and discretion, is doing so yet again, this time to campaign for his wife? I guess someone who has no shame is incapable of being ashamed of himself. UPDATE: For a substantive attack on Bill Clinton's unconscionable conduct, be sure to read this Power Line analysis. John notes that, not only that Clinton violated a long-standing principle that has former Presidents refrain from attacking sitting Presidents, but that Clinton's conclusions were entirely at odds with facts. Here's the beginning of the post, which should give you a longing to read the rest:

In recent years, the Democrats have violated many of the tacit conventions of civility that have enabled our political system to work for more than two centuries. Yesterday another barrier fell, and once again, we entered uncharted waters: former President Bill Clinton launched a vicious attack on President Bush on ABC's "This Week" program. This has never happened before. Until now, both parties have recognized a patriotism that, at some level, supersedes partisanship. Consistent with that belief, former Presidents of both parties have stayed out of politics and have avoided criticizing their successors. Until now. The Democrats appear bent on destroying every element of the fabric that has united us as Americans. Clinton's vicious attack is even worse in the context of his wife's Presidential bid: it is fair to assume that he was motivated not only by partisanship, but by his own desire to re-occupy the White House, and, most likely, wield once more the levers of power.