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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Draining the Ivory Tower coffers

Gail, at Crossing the Rubicon, found a wonderful American Enterprise article in which the author proposes that the overwhelming leftist American college campuses, all of which breach some form of redistribution of wealth, should put their money where there collective mouths are. I remember when I was at Berkeley, young and politically unaware though I was, being aware that there was something very wrong with the Professors preaching Communism, while drawing huge salaries for teaching a few hours a week (their degraded, abused, ill-educated teaching assistants, er, proletariats did the real work), while living in mansions in the Oakland/Berkeley hills. What was really exceptional was that these professors had no sense that there was a disconnect between their lifestyles and business practices, on the one hand, and their indoctrination-style teaching techniques on the other. Just another reason I hated (and still hate) Berkeley. It gave my an excellent education in hypocrisy, and little else. Needless to say, I suspect that the situation at such Ivory Tower bastions as Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Yale, etc., is infinitely worse.