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Thursday, August 04, 2005

What is it with Arab mobs and riots?

Okay, here's a rant, and you're welcome to ignore it or challenge it, but I'm just irritated and need to vent. Here's the story: a crazed, lone gunman killed four innocent people and wounded six others. It's a great tragedy. Here's more of the story: the gunman's country denounced the murder, and graciously refrained from pointing out that this same country has been on the receiving end of almost 2,000 similar murders over the last four years. Here's the end of the story:

The [Israeli] police will raise its level of alert across the country following the terror attack in Shfaram Thursday, in which four people were killed. There are fears of riots breaking out in Arab areas, especially after Friday afternoon prayers. A committee of Arab Israeli Knesset members and public officials said that a general strike would take place across the Arab sector on Friday, and a demonstration will take place in Nazarath, the largest Arab city in Israel.
Isn't it always the bullies who scream hardest when they finally get hit? By the way, please don't think I'm excusing the killer; terrorism strikes against civilians always stink, no matter who commits the acts. I'm just pointing out that every insult to the Arabs, whether it's a made-up story about Koran desecration; a made-up story about a Jenin massacre; a made-up story about a 12 year old boy getting killed in crossfire; or, here, a real tragedy about a man who went crazy and committed murder, off they go to the streets, screaming blood-thirsty slogans, and threatening everyone. UPDATE: The WSJ Opinion Journal gives this story the appropriate wrap-up:
In the typical terrorist attack by Palestinian Arabs, Palestinian officials, if they criticize it at all, do so only on the ground that it's counterproductive, and the parents usually hail their child's "martyrdom." So, while Jewish terrorists are every bit as despicable as Arab ones, Israel's response to this atrocity shows that Jewish civilization is vastly superior to its Arab counterpart.