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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Judith Miller -- pariah

I haven't been paying too much attention to the Judith Miller story. I did one post regarding the fact that Judith Miller is part of a long and respectable line of reporters willing to go to prison to protect a source (which eventually led to most courts stopping any effort to ferret out sources), and then I pretty much abandoned the whole thing. I was thinking about Judith Miller again today, though, when I listened to an NPR report that basically savaged Judith Miller, by saying that she was a credulous reporter, with the subtext being that she was essentially a shill for the Bush administration on WMD's. This really surprised me, since I'd blithely assumed that, as Miller was an NY Times reporter, she'd be the darling of the MSM. It now turns out I shouldn't have been so surprised. At the Captain's Quarters, I read that Miller "has not garnered the sympathy normally garnered from her media colleagues -- not because she broke the law and defied a court order, but because she protects sources they don't especially like." This comment is part of a larger post about the fact that the American Society of Journalists and Authors has rescinded an award that they gave her because, rather suddenly it seems, they've decided that she just wasn't as good a journalist as they'd previously thought. Hmmmm.