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Monday, August 08, 2005

Now, if they actually had some talent

I think this was one tradition the mavericks in Fiddler on the Roof would have rejected:

Ms. [Rosie] O'Donnell will step into a role that not only will give her supporters and detractors plenty to talk about, but also surely ranks as one of the boldest bits of replacement casting in Broadway history. Beginning on Sept. 20 at the Minskoff Theater, Ms. O'Donnell, a brassy Irish-American comedian from Long Island, will play Golde, the long-suffering wife and devoted mother in 'Fiddler on the Roof,' the 1964 classic of life in the shtetl. That Ms. O'Donnell will play opposite Harvey Fierstein - whose casting as the daughter-laden dairyman Tevye last winter also raised a few eyebrows among musical-theater traditionalists - makes it truly an Only on Broadway moment, where two openly gay and outspoken actors will play husband and wife in a musical all about the breaking of traditions.
Did I just hear Sholom Aleichem rolling in his grave? UPDATE: Thinking about this post reminded me of one of my first posts, on a related subject -- Wholesome Broadway?