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Monday, August 08, 2005

Hillary -- a wolf trying on sheep's clothing

Deroy Murdock does a comprehensive summary of Hillary Clinton's voting record as a Senator to establish that, while she is mouthing an increasingly conservative line, she's still a die-hard liberal. One doesn't actually need such a sophisticated analysis to reach the same conclusion. Who is most excited about Hillary's ostensible move to the center (or even right of center)? The Left! The MSM and the liberal blogs are the ones that keep trumpeting as a good thing her increasingly conservative pronouncements. It doesn't take a lot of deep thought to realize that this whole cadre is not shifting to the right and applauding Hillary for moving with them. They are where they are, and the only reason that they could be urging Hillary's transformation is because they're hoping they can sell a bill of goods to the American people. That is, while they know that Hillary hasn't changed, they're hoping that, by 2008, enough Americans will be convinced of this change to vote her into the White House. You dance with them what brung you, and Hillary is still dancing with the Left, no matter what she says. And as long as they're her partners and cheerleading section, her stint in the White House will be played to their beat.