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Friday, June 17, 2005

Those that live by the sword (& gun & bomb) die by the sword (& gun & bomb)

This just caught my eye:

Scores of unidentified gunmen in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday night went on the rampage inside a medical center run by Jalilah Dahlan, wife of Palestinian Authority Civil Affairs Minister Muhammad Dahlan, destroying furniture, computers and other equipment. Meanwhile, PA security sources in the Gaza Strip said five more convicted murderers and rapists would be executed within the next few days. Earlier this week, the PA executed four men from the Gaza Strip who had been convicted of murder.
I think few people realize that the Palestinians, by focusing their energy on Israel, tended to keep it off themselves. It's going to get more and more ugly the more Israel removes itself from the West Bank and leaves the Palestinians to fend for themselves. As always, I desperately sorry for the probably small, but peaceful middle -- the women, children and men who just want to live their lives -- but sorry doesn't help. At a certain point, the Palestinians have to set their goals and save themselves.