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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just so good I had to share it

Here's Mark Steyn writing about the gaping divide between Europeans and their apparently elected leaders:

My favourite headline last week was in the International Herald Tribune: 'EU leaders and voters see paths diverge.' Traditionally in free societies, when the paths of the leaders and the voters 'diverge', it's the leaders who depart the scene. But apparently in the EU this is too vulgar and 'Anglo-Saxon', and so the great permanent Eurocracy decided instead to offer up Euro-variations on Bertolt Brecht's jest about the need to elect a new people. Whatever the rejection of the European constitution means, it certainly doesn't mean the rejection of the European constitution. 'I really believe the French and Dutch did not vote no to the constitutional treaty,' insisted Jean-Claude Juncker, the 'President' of 'Europe', continuing to celebrate his stunning victory in the referendum. Even if the French and Dutch had been boorish enough to want to vote no to the constitution, they would have been incapable of so doing, as the whole thing was designed to be way above their pretty little heads. 'It is not possible for anyone to understand the full text,' declared Valery Giscard d'Estaing. 'Europe's Jefferson' has apparently become Europe's Jefferson Airplane, boasting about the impenetrability of his hallucinogenic lyrics. The point is the French and Dutch shouldn't have read beyond the opening sentence: 'We the people agree to leave it to you the people who know better than the people.'