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Monday, June 20, 2005

Okely-dokely -- now we know

I didn't even get beyond the first Q & A in this National Review Online interview with Edward Klein, who just wrote a book about Hillary. This just summed it up for me (but I promise to read the whole interview, and I think you should too):

NRO editor Kathryn Lopez asked Edward Klein — former New York Times Magazine editor-in-chief — about this and more. In an exclusive interview — the first of The Truth About Hillary Clinton, Klein explains and defends his book, and gives his read on where Hillary Clinton has been and where she is going. National Review Online: In a sentence, what is 'the truth about Hillary'? Edward Klein: Hillary is not a victim (not of sexism, not of her husband, and certainly not of this book); she’s not a moderate (despite her effort to re-brand herself in the Senate). Even my sources on the left admit she’s positioning herself as a victim and moderate in order to win the White House.
Please note, by the way, that whatever Klein's politics now, he was affiliated with the NY Times. This either means he is not a conservative, or that he's a former liberal -- either way, he's probably not one of those wild-eyed, foaming-mouthed Christians the left believes is lurking behind every corner as part of the vast right wing conspiracy.