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Monday, June 20, 2005

Robert Byrd is no convert

Laer did a great post at Cheat Seeking Missiles regarding (a) Bob Byrd's attempt to white wash his KKK past (I like the pun lurking in there); and (b) the WaPo and the Best of the Web article catching him at his game. Since I'm completely lacking in appropriate humility, I liked so much the comment I left regarding that post, that I reproducing it, more or less intact, here: People change. I had my 9/11 epiphany, which had me switching to a conservative world view, so why shouldn't someone else have a Road to Damascus conversion, too? The problem with Byrd, however, is that he's never acknowledged that he was wrong to begin with and that now he's seen the light. His efforts to white wash his white sheet youth make him seem like a disgusting political opportunist, rather than someone who erred in his youth, but has since seen the error of his ways and repented, actively, for his past wrongs. In Gone With The Wind, an appropriate book to cite when speaking of a Klan member, Scarlett is feeling terribly guilty that husband Number 2 was killed when taking part in a Klan raid to avenge an assault some black and white men made against her while she was pursuing her business interests at her mill. Rhett, comforting her, said something along the lines of: "You're like the thief who isn't sorry he stole, but is terribly, terribly sorry he got caught." Sounds like Byrd. He isn't sorry he was in the KKK, he's just terribly, terribly sorry it's a political liability now. UPDATE: Laer and I are not the only ones who doubt the sincerity of Byrd's conversion. Chrenkoff feels the same. Between Chrenkoff and Laer, I'm clearly in good company.