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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

They'll always have Hillary

I couldn't decide if this post belongs on its own, or if it's part and parcel of my previous post regarding a long-time disinformation pattern from the Left. Because I like the following quotation from David Limbaugh, however, I decide to give this post about Hillary's dissimulation its own space:

Regardless of what Hillary's purportedly changed attitudes show about her, they speak greater volumes about the political party she seeks to lead. The fact is that Hillary remains a darling of the Left and all its fringe constituency groups despite her increasingly heretical declarations. Just as when John Kerry masqueraded as a hawk on national defense and the Michael Moore/Howard Dean wing of the party stayed right on board with him, Hillary has virtual immunity for any such apostasies. Why? Because they know she'll always be a card-carrying, hardcore liberal no matter how much she pretends otherwise.