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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Horrifying story about effects of assimilation on the NY Times during WWII

This article reviews a book, Buried by The Times: The Holocaust and America's Most Important Newspaper, by Laurel Leff, that examines the NY Times' disgusting silence about the Nazi slaughter of the Jews during WWII. The whole article is interesting, but to me this was especially surprising:

Of 24,000 stories on The Times' front page during the war, Leff found 44 about Europe's Jews. Instead, consider 1942: On March 1, a report that 10,000 people were dying each month in Polish ghettoes, at which rate "there would be no more Jews in Poland in five or six years," ran on Page 28. On June 27, at the bottom of three Page 5 stories, this: "700,000 Jews were slain by the Nazis in Poland." Three days later a London press conference estimated that one-sixth of Europe's pre-war Jewish population was already dead. That was on Page 7. In November, when the U.S. State Department confirmed the existence of the Nazi plan to annihilate all Europe's Jews, the news was reported on Page 10. Or Jan. 27, 1943, while "250 slain resisting Nazis in Marseille" played on the front, a reader had to go to Page 10 for: "Liquidation set for France's Jews." *** But more disturbingly, Leff argues that The Times' squeamishness was a byproduct of the strain of Judaism embraced by its publisher, Arthur Hays Sulzberger. Sulzberger was wedded to the U.S. Reform Movement's assimilationist notion that Judaism is a universally accessible religious doctrine — not the specific creed of a particular people joined by a unique culture and history. Jews, accordingly, aren't a nation, tribe, people or ethnic group; they are individuals who subscribe to the Jewish faith. Nazi policy was not to be reported as what it was: a calculated assertion of racial lunacy, mass homicide. Hence, even if Jews were apparently being singled out, that couldn't be the real story. Instead, the roundups were the first phase of a general crackdown on domestic opponents. The massacres were just a symptom of a larger Nazi brutality in the occupied countries. The victims were "civilians" or "war refugees." Nazi policy was not to be reported as what it was: a calculated assertion of racial lunacy, mass homicide based not on belief but on blood, an industrialized determination to wipe out an entire people.
In my opinion, the NY Times has morphed from squeamishness about Jewish to often out and out anti-Semitism in its embrace of Leftist principles. It's disgraceful that it is still considered "the paper of record." See also this story.