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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A very funny NY Times article

Apparently diners in NY can find themselves rather lost when nature calls. This laugh-out-loud funny article describes, in gracefully discrete terms, the travails facing the unwitting diners at so many of the chi-chi restaurants in NY. For example,

I couldn't figure out why, in restaurant after restaurant, the attempt to relieve oneself turned out to be anything but a relief. It's an exercise in stress, an invitation to exasperation. You tread tortuous paths to befuddling destinations. You encounter too little space or too much whimsy, the funhouse flourishes sowing enough confusion to warrant operating instructions, which a few restrooms actually have. You wish - oh, how you wish - that you never had to go. At BLT Fish, in the Flatiron district, the main dining room is on the third floor but the restrooms are on the first, beyond the bar, meaning that an elevator ride, a teeming crowd and a time-consuming journey lie between you and your catharsis. (This is an article in which euphemisms will be crucial.)
And I assure you that Frank Bruni's delicate touch with euphemisms makes what could have been a crude, vulgar article become one of great charm.