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Monday, May 23, 2005

George Lucas's big, silly movie

My goodness! This is the second time (here's the first) in two days that I'm citing to an article in the ultra-Lib San Francisco Chronicle. This time, their sole conservative columnist, Debra Saunders, takes on the silliness that is George Lucas's latest movie -- as well as the silliness Lucas showed when he professed to see a relationship between Vietnam and Iraq. (I've blogged here about what it will take to end this kind of foolish, common point of comparison.) With choice points such as the following, how can you resist reading the whole article:

Let me credit Lucas with this much. "The Phantom Menace" produced complaints that he engaged in facile racial stereotypes that demeaned Asians, Arabs and Africans. Since then, it is clear, Lucas learned that there is only one facile stereotype that is safe in Hollywood: Republican equals evil. Bush bad.