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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Differing levels of competence

My husband is one of the smartest people I know, and also one of the most competent -- in some ways. He's a high level professional whose job involves a lot of hands-on, specialized work. He drives a car wonderfully. He's built computers and, although not a computer guy, enjoys setting them up. He prides himself on his ability to get things done. Except for the things he just doesn't seem capable of mastering, such as: * Making the kids their lunches. * Getting the kids ready for school in the morning. * Cleaning up spills. * Running a vacuum cleaner. * Running a washing machine. * Figuring out how to get clothes into the laundry basket * Folding socks. * Ah, heck! Folding anything. * Opening the swimming pool cover. * Closing the swimming pool cover. * Shopping for groceries. As to each of these things, when faced with the need to get them done, he unabashedly pleads ignorance or inability. I find this very strange, since I actually enjoy mastering tasks (except money management, anything but that). I'm proud when I can put together a piece of furniture; I think it's cool when I master the workings of some piece of equipment. I'm smug about my ability to rewire lamps, and I'm also smug about the fact that I recently fixed a broken sewing machine. So what's going on with my husband? Is it just him or is it a guy thing? Opinions, please.