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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The fallacies in the Demo argument judges

Here's an Arnold Ahlert article, in its entirety, about the illogical Demo arguments regarding judges:

It is time to debunk some of the so-called 'conventional wisdom' being perpetrated by the left and its media accomplices regarding judicial nominations. Let's start with one of Democrats' favorite excuses for summarily dismissing many of George W. Bush's picks for the federal bench: Judge 'X' is 'out of the mainstream.' Out of the mainstream implies that a particular person or his ideas are those with which the majority of Americans would disagree. Yet it is Democrats -- the Senate minority party -- who are deciding which nominees do not represent the beliefs of most Americans. How is this possible? Next, 'ideological litmus test,' Sen. Chuck Schumer's line in the sand. Once again we are talking about ideology as defined by the party that has lost control of both houses of Congress and the presidency. What in the world makes Democrats the 'official arbiters' of 'acceptable' ideology, other than the belief that, despite their distinct minority, their worldview is more 'enlightened' than that of the Republicans? That's not ideology. That's arrogance. Last, the 'nuclear option.' This phrase is used to demonize one very simple idea: Are judicial nominees labeled out-of-the-mainstream -- by the out-of-the-mainstream party -- entitled to an up-or-down vote by the full Senate? As soon as the elected majority party starts behaving like one.