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Monday, May 16, 2005

Some survey results are more depressing than others

Can't say I was very happy to read this:

More than a third of Britons believe another Holocaust aimed at eradicating Jews is possible, according to a new survey. And more than half of Austrians questioned in the survey by the American Jewish Committee said it was conceivable that an organised purge of Jewish people was possible. Ten per cent of respondents said it was “very possible,” and 44% said it was “more or less possible”, the organisation said. Thirty-six per cent of British respondents agreed it was possible, as did 32% of Germans who participated in the survey, which was dubbed Thinking About the Holocaust 60 Years Later. Among Americans, 41% said they saw a likelihood that the Holocaust could be repeated, along with 40% of respondents to the same survey conducted in Poland and Sweden, the AJC said. The survey contained some good news, organisers said: 89% of respondents said it was essential or very important that their fellow citizens be informed of the horrors of the Nazi effort to exterminate Jews, and 70% said remembrances and memorials were appropriate to honour the victims. The AJC survey of 1,005 people aged 18 and over was carried out in March and April.