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Monday, March 14, 2005

The UN has a lot to answer for

While the UN was sitting back, claiming nothing was really happening in the Sudan, and resolutely refusing to intercede, it turns out (Surprise, Kofi!) that something in fact was happening in the Sudan:

At least 180,000 people may have died in Sudan's Darfur region over the past 18 months, according to the United Nations' top emergency relief official. Jan Egeland said the figure refers to victims of illness and malnutrition and excludes those who have been killed in the ethnic violence. The UN previously gave an estimate of 70,000 non-conflict deaths.
So, let's see, that makes this the third genocide the UN has passively presided over in the last 11 years. Considering that the UN was formed following the worst genocide in history in hopes (at least in part) that it would prevent future genocides, it's doing a lousy job. Surprisingly -- or maybe not surprisingly, given the Left's love affair with the UN (witness Kerry who wanted to turn over our entire foreign policy to that entity) -- there's been staggering silence from the Left when it comes to the UN for its silence in the face of three, count 'em folks, three, genocides. The UN reminds me of the old joke about bassett hounds being perfect watch dogs: if someone breaks into the house, they'll sit and watch.